What we do

We show our customers the way ahead at a moment, when other recruitment options reached their bottom. Bringing needed human resources even in situations when they are limited and hard to reach. We create unique data and make data outputs monitoring recruitment options. Thanks to them, we are able to predict and tell our customers what else they still may do to fill desired vacancy as soon as possible.

How we do it

We actively address successful professionals who do at work exactly what you need them to do for your company. To identify these people, we need a lot of information and data we compile and analyse ourselves, as the result we can submit requested solutions.

Why we do it

Sintera is here for just one reason: to develop and deliver recruitment solutions no one else can design. With every recruitment project, we place our clients between accurate information and identified opportunities. As a result we steer specific recruitment processes into a fresh, flexible and competitive systems allowing access to new employees.

We never get denied without reason

People not always positive to new career opportunities. Should it happen, we find out assertively why particular candidate does not feel addressed by client’s offer. Therefore we can afford to ensure a constant feedback to our clients concerning their recruitment and, at the same time we let them know what to do to get better rate of positive feedback.